Executive Storage

Executive Storage

Our 15,000 sq.ft. climate-controlled car club is specifically designed for private collector car storage and its Member’s comfort. Vault-like security constantly monitors our facility, providing peace of mind for our Members and ensuring the safekeeping of their collectibles.

Private Storage

Our facility is specifically designed for collector car storage and its ancillary functions. Air quality and vault-like security are constantly monitored and are critical to the stabilized environment we provide for the collectibles in our care.

More than just storage

Upon arrival, we perform a detailed analysis of your car to populate our member’s database. We will document the condition of your automobile. An appraisal can be performed upon request. We will create an on-going list of maintenance and repair items that we feel should be addressed, when appropriate. Our goal is to thoroughly document the condition of your automobile for the purposes of reliability, insurance, resale and peace of mind. We are very serious about preserving, protecting and enhancing the value of the automobile in our custody.

Concierge Service

Our Collectible Club Members enjoy the added benefits of our Concierge Service. Owned by avid car collectors and staffed by car enthusiasts our facility is purpose-designed for collector car storage and its ancillary functions. Our staff will relieve you from the burden of maintenance, servicing and detailing of your vehicle. Our Concierge service provides Members with everything from the registration of their vehicle to battery checks, monthly starts, tire pressure checks and other services necessary to ensure your vehicle is always in drive-ready condition.

Routine Service

Routine services, such as fluid and filter changes, tire rotations, battery maintenance and light repairs can be performed by our network of professional partners. Our Hangar Team maintains strict adherence to our best practices protocol to guarantee quality service.

More substantial repairs and restoration services such as body work, fabrication, engine rebuilds, upholstery, audio and electrical can also be arranged through our trusted network of professional partners. We have great experience working with these trusted Southern California technicians and craftsman and will supervise and monitor all work to ensure quality and preserve the value of your asset.